Hello! I’m Myst! This blog is honestly just a place for me to get out of my head some things that just need to get out lol.

I am a single mother of 5 kids, 4 girls-

M-16. A-15. R-14. K-11 and one boy T-almost 10.

I am a shift leader at a Loves Travels Stop truck stop who works graveyard. One child is bi-polar with extreme low self confidence amongst other issues, one child is a sever agoraphobic (literally means she doesn’t like people hates to socialize etc.) one child who has a severe case of middle child syndrome one child who is trying to figure out who she is and is extremely I mean extremely dramatic at the moment and one child who is severe ADHD and gets bullied allot and is trying to learn to deal. If that’s not enough…

I am also a solitary eclectic Celtic pagan on my own path, a very sensitive Empath, gifted with an exceptional talent of tarot reading.

And I have a severe habit of “adopting” anyone who’s having a hard time or needs a friend or “mom”.

So this blog is for my mental health lol. To rant, cry, let out my frustrations, hard lessons, struggles, victories, good and bad news. And maybe it will help someone else out there!